Jackie Haynes
Are you reading me? Over.

Decommissioned is a site specific and site responsive art practice-based PhD research project which began within group residency project ‘Doremifasolasido’ at Florence Art Centre, Cumbria in August 2016. The work was installed and remains in the scrapyard adjacent to the decommissioned Florence (iron ore) Mine, marking the start of my ongoing connections with the materiality of the site and the organisation who run it.

The states of temporal and material flux within the site signalled and became rich territory for an active exploration into Karen Barad’s ‘important questions of ontology, materiality, and agency’. Her essay “Posthumanist Performativity’ was taken to aid my endeavour of making work which was both odd and at odds with the site. My ambition was for the work to present itself rather than being representative of anything and by anything, word-based articulation after the event in particular.