Andrew Jeffrey
Moss Valley – Visibly Poor

For the past year Andrew has been visiting The Moss Valley in Sheffield on a weekly basis to write on site, concentrating on writing about the non-human animals that he has encountered. Moss Valley is part of Sheffield’s green belt, containing Ancient Woodland classed as a Site of Special Scientific Interest; it is also used as a site for agriculture, permaculture and animal husbandry and is part of the area designated as suitable for fracking. As such it is a site characterised by a number of competing discourses: environmental, scientific, economic, managerial and political.

He will present some writing which uses open form poetry, found text, poetics, journal entries and literary criticism; it works with spatial layout to ensure that each genre of writing is visibly entangled by encounters with other discourses and genre. The layout enables the writing to explore The Moss Valley as a site of processual encounter as well as allowing contestation of the various discourses which aim to delimit and control the site. It also aims to encourage the reader to be involved in the generation of meaning by connecting with the text in different ways, giving a sense of the writing’s involvement in wider cultural meanings.