Cyril Eshareturi
The Silences Framework as a tool for exploring marginalised perspectives

The Silences Framework was devised for use as a vehicle for exposing additional viewpoints in studies revolving around sensitive subjects and marginalised perspectives. Cyril’s presentation conveys the use of The Silences Framework in the provision of a nurse-led intervention for custodial community based ex-offenders.

‘Screaming Silences’ as exposed were located in the subjective experiences of ex-offenders known as the ‘listener’ and the social and personal context in which their experiences occurred. Crucially, The Silences Framework as used sought to acknowledge and redress the balance of power relating to ‘what and whose’ experience count in a research study.

Epistemologically, the generation of knowledge using the framework necessitated an anti-essentialist perspective which was interpretive in nature. Thus, the intent was to arrive at what constitutes as truth from the lived experiences of the individuals researched.

It is hoped that this presentation will facilitate understanding by unravelling the process of using The Silences Framework to underpin applied research and concurrently contribute to the wider use of the framework in research with other marginalised groups.