Rose Butler
Following Brexit and the Creeps

Rose is an artist, doctoral scholar and senior lecturer in Fine Art at Sheffield Hallam University who works with video, photography, animation and interactive media.

Her doctoral research examines the ethics and politics of looking considered through art practice and surveillance methodology. For nine months in 2016, Rose observed Theresa May’s Investigatory Powers Act pass through the Houses of Parliament. The European Referendum and the political events and shifts that followed, punctuated the passage of the bill and the emphasis of the research. More recently Rose has visited the new ‘anti migrant wall’ at Calais funded by the UK.

Rose’s research interweaves personal account of her field trips with the narratives of historical novels, literature and biographies that create a commentary on the contemporary political situation.
She is currently working on a new project Noise, made from footage documented covertly on analogue devices, whilst observing the Investigatory Powers Act in Parliament.